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Range Rules

The Manistee Clan Muzzle Loading Club

Range Safety Rules

  1. No smoking or alcohol on the firing line.
  2. Loading directly from a horn or flask is prohibited. No open powder cans on firing line. Loading must be done at the loading area.
  3. Do not snap caps, load or prime your gun until the firing line has been declared hot.
  4. Your gun should be pointed in the air or down range at all times.
  5. Immediately notify the range officer in any case when your gun malfunctions or fails to fire. Await his or her instructions and take your gun to the designated place to repair or dislodge dislodge your dry-ball. (Our club has a co.2 dry-ball puller).
  6. All range commands must be obeyed and the decision of the range officer is final.
  7. Spectators must stay behind safety barriers before and during all shooting times.
  8. Only paper targets stapled or clay pigeons glued to paper and stapled to target frame backer boards will be used as shooting targets.  Solid objects, bottles, and cans are prohibited for use as targets.
  9.  Make sure all shooting has ceased and the firing line made safe before attempting to hang new targets.
  10. All guns must be stacked with the muzzle up between matches (no loading) and while targets are being hung. 
  11. When finished shooting, remove all used targets from the target frames and place all of your targets, cleaning patches and other trash in a trash barrel before leaving the range. Police your brass and deposit it in the appropriate brass depositories.  
  12. All trap shooting at our range is discontinued to prevent lead contamination behind our berms.  Shotguns may be patterned at stationary targets attached to backstops.
  13. All targets shall be hung between the backer boards with the center of the target in the free space between the boards.  Do not place targets on the uprights or stringers between the upright posts.  Do not shoot at the stringers or uprights. Only paper targets should be used on backer boards except at authorized club functions.
  14. The main range is closed during club shooting events to all shooters except the event contestants.  You may shoot on the 25 yard side range during these events.  EXCEPTION:  During the Women's Pistol League events the side range is closed and the main range may be utilized.  Please check the newsletter calendar of events for range availability.
  15. Obscene language or distasteful conduct will not be tolerated.