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Military Match

The Manistee Clan Muzzle Loading Club
At Old Fort Rendezvous

14th Annual Military Match

June 25, 2021

In conjunction with the 61st Shoot Rendezvous, the Manistee Clan Muzzle Loading Club will offer an additional match separate from our traditional muzzle loading rendezvous.

The Military Match is open to the public with prizes awarded immediately after the match. This match will have two (2) divisions :

  1. Unmodified: Generally issued (60 or more years ago) military rifles including foreign or commercially available copies;  Match rifles, match sights, cuff slings, or optical sights are NOT allowed in the unmodified division. 
  2. Modified (issued less than 60 years ago);  Match rifles, match sights, cuff slings, or optical sights ARE allowed in modified division.   
The contestant must furnish their own ammunition which may be reloaded or factory issue, ball or hunting point.

The course of fire is:

  1. 20 shots prone in 20 minutes (sling may be used)
  2. 10 shots prone from standing in 70 seconds (sling may be used)
  3. 10 shots sitting from standing in 60 seconds (sling may be used)
  4. 10 shots standing in 10 minutes (NO sling may be used)


No part of the gun, magazine, back of hand, or forearm will be allowed to touch the ground in any prone match.

Registration will be held at the 100 yard range beginning at 08:30am. The call to the line for the first relay will be at 08:50am.
The second relay will begin approximately one-half hour after completion of the first relay.
Each firing point must be filled on the first relay before a second relay will be scheduled.
Each division match will be held separate so contestants may shoot in both divisions.

Early registration is encouraged due to a limited number of firing points.

For questions, call Greg Berg, Chairman, at (231) 864-3256


Registration for 

14th Annual Military Match at Old Fort Rendezvous
June 25, 2021

NAME ________________________________________________________

STREET ADDRESS _____________________________________________

CITY ______________________________STATE________ZIP___________

PHONE NUMBER (_____) - _____________________

Check choice for:  UNMODIFIED ________ ($15.00)   MODIFIED _______ ($15.00) 

BOTH _______($20.00)

Fill out and mail registration form with check or money order made out to Manistee Muzzle Loading Club.

Greg Berg, Chairman Military Match
8333 Lake Street
Bear Lake, MI  49614