Ladies Pistol League


The Manistee Ladies Pistol League came into existence during the spring/summer of 1996 as a by-product of the National Rifle Association (NRA) education courses offered by the Manistee Muzzle Loading Club. Discussions among the lady attendees revealed their desire to improve and maintain their shooting skills and increase their proficiency in the use of their firearms by practicing on a regular basis. The leading instructor of the NRA classes was John Rozga.  He suggested if there were enough interest, he would make himself available as a guide and range officer.  As a result, six ladies began to meet on a weekly basis to develop their skills.  The numbers have grown to as many as 15-20 members in past years and became known as the Manistee Ladies Pistol League.



Ladies Pistol League participants must be at least 18 years of age and are asked to fill out a registration form at the beginning of the season. Members of the Manistee Muzzle Loading Club are charged a $5 fee which is collected at weekly shoot. Non-club members are charged an additional $1. Fees are to defray the cost of targets, range projects and other league-sponsored events.



The ladies shoot 10-shot revolvers and/or semi-automatic .22 pistols at weekly shoots. A range officer may have an extra handgun available for use by participants who do not own one upon joining the league.  Women who wish to shoot higher caliber handguns are welcome to do so.



The league meets every Wednesday, 6:00p, mid-May through Sept. at the Manistee Muzzle Loading Club 25-yard pistol range. The club grounds are located at 3125 Camp Road, Manistee, Michigan (see web page map). The season begins the second Wednesday of April with a planning meeting. In early May, the ladies get together for a work session to prepare the range - removing winter debris and putting up new backer boards. The first shoot session following clean-up is a "sight-in" night, with regular weekly shoots thereafter. A summer meeting is held in July with an annual meeting held in October, following the yearly shoot schedule.



The strong foundation of knowledge and skill acquired during the NRA courses are applied on the shooting range. Shooters advance at their own pace, improving and maintaining their skills in a safe, non-competitive atmosphere.  They shoot from a number of positions at distances varying from 7 feet to 25 yards.  Shooting positions range from bench-rest, two-handed standing, one-handed standing, personal protection (kneeling behind the bench), and some are just to have a good time or challenge.  An NRA Instructors is always present at the shoots and knowledgeable in the categories of home safety, personal protection and basic pistol.  The NRA Instructors are regularly involved in teaching courses offered by the Manistee Muzzle Loading Club, which are given throughout the year. These members are range officers for the league.

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