Following your brilliant exhibition of marksmanship or related skills at

Fort Rendezvous

Manistee, Michigan, 49660

Manistee Muzzle Loading Club members standing in front of the Overpack wheels
built by the club and donated to the Manistee County Historical Museum.

Founders of 
Manistee Muzzle Loading Club

Over a friendly game of pool in the basement of Dick Lijewski's home, a club was formed by Bob Adams and Dick Lijewski. In a few weeks, another friend (a gun collector), John Fischer joined the group. Every meeting brought in a few new faces.

Early club meetings were informal and held at member's homes. While at one of these meetings held over the pool table at Dick Lijewski's, the name "Manistee Clan Muzzle Loading Club" was hashed over and approved.

We, the individual owners of muzzle loading arms, realizing the benefits to be derived from organized rather than individual effort in rifle, pistol and shotgun shooting, agree to advance and promote this particular sport for the common good of all members. By our efforts, we hope to maintain high standards of sportsmanship, safety and good fellowship among all who shall participate in this activity.

Bad Luck Chuck!

Our mascot, Bad Luck Chuck, stands ready to guard Fort Rendezvous at the main gate.